Destiny 2: Season of Dawn

We’re now 45 days into Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn, and with 45 days to go it’s the perfect time to review and digest what’s happened so far.

Season of Dawn focuses heavily on the long lost legendary Titan, Saint-14. Saint is one of the most famous guardians to have ever lived, becoming the first Titan vanguard and defending the Last City against scores of invading fallen in the Battle of Six Fronts.

At one point during his quest to stop Osiris disturbing the Vex on Mercury, he loses his light – and his life in the Infinite Forest. Season of Dawn sets us the seemingly impossible challenge of finding, and saving Saint’s life using the “Sundial” that Osiris has built. The Sundial is a machine that allows us to traverse the corridors of time through what many have argued is what the Infinite Forest should have been like when the Curse of Osiris expansion launched.

Without spoiling anything don’t think i’m alone in saying that the subsequent missions where you must track down and ultimately save Saint-14 are some of the best in Destiny 2 right now. The feeling of rescuing a true legend, combined with the scenery and spectacular voice acting feels like you’re really doing something amazing and not just aimlessly killing fallen.

The Sundial

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn Sundial
Season of Dawn’s Sundial Activity

The Sundial is this season’s horde mode (you might remember in Season of Undying we had the Vex Offensive activity), which is more akin to the much loved Menagerie activity. In the Sundial you are pitted against the Cabal over a few activities like Arc Charge ferrying, Capture the plates and throwing relics at bosses to take down their shields and melt them.

Like the Menagerie, the standard difficulty has a no-fail mechanism built into it. Sure, each encounter is timed, and the more progress you make in the encounter the quicker you’ll get to the boss phase, the quicker you finish the activity. But you cannot fail completely, you just keep going until you beat the boss. If your whole fireteam gets stomped off the map by a roaming centurion, your only penalty is time as you’ll have to wait for someone to revive (or revive yourself after 30 seconds).

Activities like this are what makes Destiny fun, just being able to enjoy the gun-play with your friends and not having to worry about throwing away progress. On top of the no-fail condition, you’re then able to choose your rewards at the end of the activity depending on which Obelisks you’ve linked to the Sundial. This is something that Bungie has obviously taken on board since the success of the Menagerie as players loudly voiced their support for the Chalice of Opulence.

Ritual Weapons

Since Season of Undying, Ritual Weapons have replaced Pinnacle Weapons in as some of the most powerful (or unique) weapons in the game. Ritual Weapons are more… curated rolls of new weapons, but they’re still strong enough and unique enough to be a worthwhile addition to your loadouts. Destiny 2 developers Bungie have said that right now they don’t have the resources to create Pinnacle weapons right now, so curated rolls are here to stay… for now.

Python Ritual Weapon
Python – Season of Dawn Gambit Ritual Weapon

Python is probably my favourite ritual weapon this season. You can get it from doing the “Get Closer” quest obtained from the Drifter, which involves getting a whole bunch of Shotgun kills in Gambit.

The perks which make Python great for me are Overflow and One-Two Punch. Overflow reloads the weapon to beyond normal capacity simply by running over special or heavy ammo, great for running and gunning. It even reloads when stowed, so great paired with an SMG for mid & close range fun. One-Two Punch increases Melee damage if every pellet in your shot hits an enemy – great for smashing Major enemies.

Komodo-4FR Ritual Weapon
Komodo-4FR – Season of Dawn Crucible Ritual Weapon

The Crucible ritual weapon this season is Komodo-4FR, a Solar Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle. Obtain this by completing the “Heart of the Dragon” quest from Shaxx. It’s a great choice for PVP and will one-shot an opponent with a headshot and has very little charge time.

The combo of the No Distractions and Box Breathing perks makes this a worthwhile choice. No Distractions reduces flinch after aiming for a short period, and Box Breathing increases range and precision after aiming for a short while.

Buzzard Ritual Weapon
Buzzard – Season of Dawn Vanguard Ritual Weapon

Lastly, the Vanguard ritual weapon is Buzzard, a sidearm. You can get this by completing the “Anything that moves” quest from Zavala.

This little sidearm has one of the new perks introduced this season, Osmosis. This changes your gun’s elemental affinity whenever you throw a grenade, and being a primary is very useful as you could potentially have a loadout containing each element (provided your subclass is the missing element). Be aware that this bonus is removed when Buzzard is stowed, so when you pull it out make sure you have a grenade ready to go.

The other perk I use on this is Outlaw which greatly increases the reload speed after precision kills. Handy if you’re surrounded by a bunch of enemies that need erasing!

Corridors of Time Mission

Corridors of Time Mission
Corridors of Time Secret Mission

This came out of nowhere. Upon the weekly reset, Osiris had a quest for us that simply said “Explore the Corridors of Time”. Well, the guys over at had a field day putting together all the clues which finally revealed a path through the maze culminating in a surprise which I think no-one really saw coming (except those pesky data miners!). If there’s something the Destiny community loves, it’s a puzzle.

I obviously won’t reveal the result, but you have until next week’s reset (28th Jan) to see for yourself.

The great thing about this was that it appeared out of nowhere, and it was a puzzle which people could really get their teeth into. Not only that, but it required the help of everyone to post screenshots of clues they found so that the bigger picture could be formed.

I for one was happy with the reward, although it had previously been revealed on the Season of Dawn Roadmap which kind of took away from the surprise a little.


So far, Destiny 2’s Season of Dawn has given us a lot to do, many surprises, new guns and more missions. We’re only halfway through! Here’s hoping for more surprises.