Ring Fit Adventure

I’ve had Ring Fit Adventure for a whole day now, and have completed World 1. I have to say i’m surprised with how much of a workout it actually was! I didn’t really know what to expect, but the gamification of exercise really got me into it.

The game itself comes with two peripherals – The Ring, and the leg strap (used to track and see if you’re actually running on the spot!).

Ring Fit Adventure Kit

The actual Ring itself can be pulled and pushed with a great amount of force, I gave it my best and it had no problems at all. Not that I wanted to break it of course, just testing it’s limits!

I’d say the fun part of Ring Fit Adventure is watching your movements take down the health bar of an enemy or a boss, and knowing that your exercise is going into something more than making you fitter!

Ring Fit Adventure will also tell you how many calories you’ve burned at the end of a level, so you can see your progress. Treat yourself to that extra chocolate bar, you’ve earned it! (Or if you’re being good, a nice healthy nutritious snack!).

As you run (jogging on the spot) through the levels, you can fire off little puffs of air by squeezing the Ring, and you can hoover up all the coins by pulling the Ring and creating a vortex.

Battles are where the real workout lies. To start with you have a choice of 4 different exercises with which to whittle down the enemy’s health. I chose to put these on shuffle so I didn’t know what was coming next! One minute I was doing overhead pushing, next I was on the floor and lifting my knees to my chest.

By the end of the first Boss Fight (which was NOT quick!) I was pretty sweaty and could feel the effects of exercise, but it didn’t feel so much like i’d been exercising. It felt like i’d actually achieved something in beating this boss!

If you want to start exercising more regularly and want a fun way to start, definitely give Ring Fit Adventure a go.