sims 5

I’ve been playing the sims since the beginning and it’s amazing to see how far the graphics have come, and soon we’ll be treated to The Sims 5.

The evolution of Bella Goth through the years

With no release date yet, 2021 is probably when we will see the next installment in The Sims franchise. So far all we have is a a few teaser trailers showing very real looking buildings and foliage. We haven’t seen much of what the people will look like but I’m guessing they will look more life like too.

What are people’s views on this? Do you prefer the cartoon look? Or do you think The Sims will suit having very real looking people in it? We’ll just have to wait for a gameplay trailer to come out once more has been developed.

One thing I know I would be looking forward to is the possibility of online multiplayer, to be finally able to play with online with friends. Though if the teaser graphics are anything to go by, I’ll definitely need a laptop with a better graphics card!

I’ll pop a fan made The Sims 5 launch trailer below so you can watch and see if this person has rightly guessed what The Sims 5 is going to look like.